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The Textile of Rajasthan has a fascinating range of dyed and block printing fabrics. Each state has its own special colour-scheme design and technique. The various types of Textile are:-

Hand-block prints- the quilts of Sanganer, Bagru are the favourites. Tie and dye- Bandhej, Bandani, Lehriya, Batik, Mothra, Ekdali, Shikari, Cheent comes under this category. Bandhej- Bandhej of Jodhpur, Sikar, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Pali, Udaipur, Jaipur is more popular.  The lehriya is an entire line of cloth is dyed in different colours. Udaipur's lehriya work is well known.  Samdar Lehar, Phagun are the designs to be worn in the spring season.
Textile and fabric colouring and dying can be seen at length in the communities of Leelgarhs and Rangrez. The Chunari and Bandhej ( the art of tying a small point on the cloth by threads and later dyed with the required colours . After drying when opened, there is a small circle in the white splashed around the fabric)is known as tie and dye. Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner are famous for this. In addition, the art of embellished fabrics with embroidery using thread-work, mirror work or gold brocade is prevalent.

Block Printing
in vegetable dyes is another famous art. Carved wooden blocks soaked in different colours and pasted on the fabric. Main Market of these products are Jaipur, Sanganer and Bagru.
Zari - Gota, zardosi, banarsi for formal and bridal ensembles, metallic and threaded embroidery

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