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Chauhans of Ajmer Delhi

Even though the Chauhan kingdom was the first to be annihilated by the Muslims and the Chauhan clan scattered, it remains one of the foremost Rajput clans. This was largely due to the stature of the last of the Chauhan kings, Prithviraj of Delhi. This romantic and ill-fated monarch has become the symbol of Rajput chivalry. The famous bard, Chand Bardai, in his epic poem Prithviraj Raso relates the history of this legendary hero. Prithviraj combined all the noble qualities of his race with all the weaknesses. Although a brave soldier, a cultivated courtier and an inspiring leader, he was rash where he should have been prudent.

There was rivalry between the kingdoms of Delhi and Kanauj. The Princess Sanyukta of Kanauj, heard the praises of Prithviraj and wanted to marry him. Her father Jaichand refused to invite the Chauhan to the swayamvara ceremony at which a girl garlanded the man of her choice. Instead Jaichand insulted the Rajput king by putting a statue of him at the postern. Undismayed Sanyukta placed her garland around the statue proclaiming her choice. Prithviraj and his clansmen raided Kanauj and the Chauhan carried off his bride, intensifying the feud with Kanauj.

In 1191 Mohammed Ghori attacked Delhi and was repulsed. He then attacked Kanauj. Prithviraj did not go to the help of his hostile father-in-law. Kanauj fell.

In 1192, Ghori again attacked Delhi. This time Prithviraj was defeated and killed. The beautiful Sanyukta ascended the funeral pyre and perished with her lord. The Chauhans scattered. Most of them sought sanctuary with Mewar and bravely defended its capital, Chittor, when it was attacked.

The descendants of Jaichand of Kanauj fled to Gujarat and gradually emerged again as the Rathores of Marwar.

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